Thursday, July 19, 2007


It is rare that I am good at any game that requires physical coordination, but I think I may have found my game, BAGGO. Tuesday nights at a local bar they get a Baggo game going. I was dragged out this Tuesday and played with a small group that showed up for this event. I am actually good. I wouldn't say I'm am great because we lost the two games we played, but with a little practice I think I have what it takes to be a Baggo Champ. If you've never heard of Baggo, its a game where you throw a bean bag onto a board that has a hole in it, the object is to get the bean bag in the hole. You play with a partner and go until one team hits 21. We played best out of 3 games, but made it in the "loser" heat the first go around. Our oponents were all very nice and have been playing for a long time. The bar we played in was about 90 degrees inside and there was a band warming up for a show later that night. Needless to say the atmosphere left much to be desired, but a great time had by all.

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