Sunday, June 3, 2007

New York Trip Sept 2009 - Day 2

The day of the runway show is filled with anticipation from the moment I wake up. Fortunately for me, I got to sleep in this year! It was great that our travel day and the day of the show were not one in the same. That meant much less anxiety for all.

Evan and his mother jumped right out of bed with plans to see more of the city. They headed over to Rockefeller Center and even made an appearance outside the Today Show. If I was a morning person I would have gone with them, but I’m glad that they got to go exploring so that Jane could get to see more of the city.

I finally dragged myself out of bed in time to get showered and jump in a cab to meet up with my good friend, Scott. Scott and I went to college together, so I try to catch up with him about every other trip to NYC. Scott and his fiancĂ© (they got engaged last night!) met us at a cool little place (I believe) in Chelsea. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I do remember that I ordered fried chicken and waffles! I’m not a runway model, so who cares what I eat before the show, right? Unfortunately, our lunch was not long enough, but it was still great to see them for a quick catch up.

We jumped in a cab back to the hotel for beautification to begin. I had to decide between tights or no tights and pick between two pairs of shoes, both from the collection. These were two very difficult decisions to make in a very short period of time. With help of my stylists, a.k.a. Mom and to be Mother-In-Law, I went with no tights and the gladiator boots. I was very happy with both decisions. Once wardrobe was set we walked over to the super secret side entrance of the Bryant Park Tents.

My mother, in her regular form, marched up to the table and announced, “I am the mother.” Immediately, we were let in backstage and walked right in the heart of the pre-show madness. Backstage we found Brad and his family waiting and just enjoyed the show from the middle of the model dressing area. There was shoe drama and hair drama and all the other usual back stage dramas. I love watching the models as if they are animals in the zoo. They are a foreign species to me even though I know they are regular people. It seemed like we were back there forever when I realized. WE HAD BEEN! The show was supposed to be starting and the models were just starting their walk through. Some of the models didn’t wear the shoes for the walk through and I was totally appalled. I wore my shoes all night long! As a former ballerina, dress rehearsal means dress rehearsal! I don’t care if you have a broken ankle, if you are performing tonight you better be able to rehearse! I may be a tough critic, but that is just how I was raised.

Quite a few celebs came out to show their support this year and my Mom was all over every single one of them. She had her moment with Tim Gunn, spoke to Nina Garcia, and checked in with Kristen Davis and Tori Spelling. My favorite Mom vs. Celeb moment was when Fern Mallis came backstage. A few shows ago, some young reporter told my Mom that he thought she was Fern. In preparations for this show, my Mom and I had been googling Fern to see what she was wearing to the fashion shows in order to pick out an appropriate outfit for my mother to wear. Essentially, Fern Mallis was my Mom’s fashion icon and my mother just had to let her know. I’m sure Fern was flattered and my Mom looked great!

After the show, we headed back to the hotel, decided on a quick dinner from McDonald’s and then got in the car to go to the after party. We got to the hotel where the after party was held and it was a much smaller crowd then the previous parties. This was a really good thing. Some celebrities did show up to show support and hang for a bit, Kat Deluna, Mena Suvari and one of the NYC Housewives. I had a great time, drank too much Champagne (as usual), made new friends and fell on the floor. Yes, you are reading that correctly, I took a major dive. It was a graceful fall and I am not embarrassed, but it was ironic that I was complaining about the models not being tough about walking in their shoes and then I fell in mine. I didn’t feel a thing in case you were worried about my safety. A short time after that we decided we better head back.

It was another great show and another great day in NYC. I am so glad that we still had one extra day to enjoy the city and catch up with my little bro. Sunday recap coming soon…

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