Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Runway Shoes

It is that time of year again. This past Friday, my brother, Christian Siriano, showed a collection at New York Fashion week. I am so furious with myself! I did not get a single picture of myself in two of the three dresses I wore at fashion week. I made three costume changes throughout Friday’s events, one dress for the runway show, one dress for the after party and another dress for the after after party. I was too busy having fun to think to take pictures. Ahhhh! Although I can’t share pictures of my full looks, I can share pictures of the three different pairs of shoes I wore to compliment these looks.

Again this season, my brother worked with Payless to create the runway shoes and translate them into wearable fashion for sale in the Fall. I just love the Payless people. They are so nice and always let my brother make one of each style in a size six for me to try! This season I went from stiletto to platform to boot, a good transition for wear-ability. The stilettos were the most beauteous, but they were killing me by the end of the show (mostly because I don’t sit down until they make me), the platforms were the best for wearing outside in the cold and the boots were perfect with black tights and my mini dress.

Here are the runway models in the shoes!

Stiletto Flounce

Platform Boot

Gladiator Boot

I do have other exciting news to share about these shoes…my brother had Payless make the stiletto flounce shoes in white, ivory and orange (my wedding color) to have to wear on my wedding day! He made three different pair since I haven’t completely decided on the dress yet. Am I the luckiest bride ever, or what?


Nicole said...

Yes you are very lucky!! Those shoes are FANTASTIC!!

Lynn Mitchell said...

This is the most beautiful pair of stilletos I've ever seen! Truly.

jessbuurman said...

nice post......