Saturday, August 7, 2010

The New Ride

This week the word overextended would be an understatement when describing my schedule. I have a tendency to pile things on and if I wasn’t busy enough, we decided that this would be a good week to do some car shopping. Evan has been driving my old Mercedes that my Dad gave me in college. The car had a lot of miles on it, some of the electric gadgets had stopped working and we were just waiting for the day that it wouldn’t start in the morning. We could have taken it in to be serviced, but the cost of fixing it up would be astronomical. So, we decided it was time for a trade in. We went to Carmax right near where Evan works and they gave us $2,000 for the trade in. Way more than I thought we would get. We really didn’t know what kind of car we wanted, but after walking around their lot, Evan picked out Ford Ranger truck. It was just about as simple as that. Sometimes I am amazed at how decisive we are. It was a little sad to say good-bye to the Benz after all these years. The car didn’t seem to want to say let go either as it took 3 guys to get the plates off. The salesmen asked me if I wanted a few minutes with the Mercedes before they drove it away, which I thought was pretty silly, but a little part of me did want to take a moment to reflect on all the good times I had with that car. In the end, I declined the private parking lot moment. So last night, they pulled the Benz away and we became proud owners of a shiny white truck!

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