Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Honda Fit

When we left Arkansas, Evan sold his old blue Buick so that he could drive our moving truck to Maryland. Our plan was to get a used car to replace Old Blue (something without a hole in the gas tank). After a few weeks of looking at over priced old clunkers in random people’s driveways, we decided that it might be a better use of our limited funds to just bite the bullet and get a new car. We looked around online and at local dealerships and finally decided on a Honda Fit. It is the #1 selling car in Japan. (This is the only selling point I needed to know when making my decision. Thank goodness Evan is a bit more thorough.)

We absolutely love it. We got the basic model, silver, automatic transmission. I’m not a car person, so I can’t speak to the car features or any other tech kind of talk. I just think it’s cute! The gas mileage is OK, but not anything to brag about for a car so small. We are averaging 32 miles per gallon, but at least it takes regular gas unlike my old Benz. The thing that I love the most about the Fit is that it will “fit” in any sized parallel parking spot in the entire District of Columbia. Evan and I negotiate on a day to day basis for who will get to drive it. I know that Old Blue meant a lot to him, so I try to be understanding. I just can’t help but want to go cruising.


Kanani said...

Sorry I've been away from your blog. I'm glad to see you've started again. Love the pics of Kalkaska and also of your new car!
I just fixed mine again, and am looking to buy something small. A Honda FIT sounds perfect!

dottie said...

oh lord - the blue is gone, was it the same one from high school? either way - it's really cute. i'm the same on buying cars (not that i have one now), but if i can afford it & it's cute - it's mine.