Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Sew Fleece Blanket

Even though we did get my sewing machine out of storage, I opted for a quick no sew blanket to take as a gift to one of my best friend’s sister’s baby shower. At Nicole’s baby shower in Arkansas, a friend of hers made her one of these fleece blankets and I fell in love with how cute it was. It is so easy to make, that it took me less than an hour. I bought two yards of no-pill fleece in a checked pattern to make it easier to measure as I went. The mother-to-be’s baby décor theme are frogs and fish, so this fabric find was perfect (and on sale since it is summer time).

Here’s what I did:
1. Cut the fleece fabric in half so that you have two pieces the same size and line the two sides so they match as a top and a bottom.
2. Cut 4 inch deep, 1 inch thick strips on all four sides. Cut out the corners (4x4 inches).
3. Knot the top and bottom strips together along all four sides and your done.
**The trick that I learned by the end of the project is to not tie the knots too tight or the blanket will get bunched.

I have some other fleece that I’d like to use to make a second blanket. The other patterns that I bought do not have the checked lines, so it will be a little more challenging to measure and line up correctly. Now that I have one blanket under my belt I think I can get it straight. These are so adorable and can be made in all sizes. Hand made gifts are always so nice and I’m glad I found one that is easy to do but still thoughtful.

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