Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Shoot

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Evan and I went to visit my brother in NYC. It was a quick weekend trip, but we got to see his new apartment, did a little shopping in Soho, met a Super Model and had brunch at the diner where Kelis shot her Milkshake music video. (The video does not depict the people who actually work there and it is kind of funny to watch it after being there.) It was a really nice weekend despite the fact that is was rainy and cold. I was just happy to spend some time with my brother in his world. While at the apartment, Brad took some photos of me and printed them along with photos of Chris to give to the family as Christmas gifts. In this photo my brother was trying to tell me how to pose like a model. This is my favorite of the bunch. My funny face is absolutely typical of how I am if my brother (or anyone) is trying to tell me how to do something. I can’t wait to go for another visit in February.

Thanks again, Brad. These photos are wonderful.