Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top Chef - I can't get enough

I don’t know why, but certain television shows I will watch over and over again. I’ve seen each episode of the current season of Top Chef at least four times. I watch all the reruns on Bravo and recently caught a rerun on NBC. I absolutely love this season! I can't wait for tonights episode. Last season I didn’t feel a connection with any particular chef, so I probably only watched each episode once or twice. I wasn’t glued to the TV every Wednesday. I thought Spike and Andrew were entertaining, but there wasn’t anyone that I would be genuinely upset about being eliminated.

This season, I get physically nervous that one of my favorites will be sent home. I’ve already lost some of the chefs that I liked. I know it is the nature of the show, but I got a little teary when Richard was eliminated during the Foo Fighters Challenge and it was sad to see Danny go because I thought he was fun. My favorites are hanging in there so far, but I can tell it is going to be an intense winter. I love Jeff because he looks like Chase from House. I am a big fan of Carla because I think she is interesting and I like her commentary. Stefan and Fabio are both adorable and European, so they need to stay. Ariane is fun to watch and I’m glad that she keeps winning after her struggling beginning. The other chefs aren’t as close to my heart, but I was relieved when no one was sent home on the last episode. Tonight is a double elimination, so I’m glad I had some time to mentally prepare. I will be pretty bummed if one or more of my picks is given the boot.

I do know that Top Chef is a reality show and I really need to get a life, but thank goodness there is something on TV that I can watch now that Project Runway has disappeared and Heros is on a break.

Also, a BIG thank you to my little brother for giving me a copy of the Top Chef Cookbook this Christmas. I’ll have Evan making us meals from it in no time.

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Anonymous said...

I watched a show the other night.. the thought of anyone getting eliminated made me anxious...