Monday, August 31, 2009

Sewing a Tablecloth

I am hosting a Bunko Party at my apartment next week!! I decided that it would be themed “yellow”, inspired by this yellow party. Part of this theme will include yellow tablecloths that I planned to sew from fabric I bought at Ikea. (Evan gave me a sewing machine for my birthday two years ago and I’m sorry to say, that this is the first attempt to use my machine.) My mother said that she would help so we set up the machine at her house. Believe it or not, we started this project two months ago…

Attempt #1: We broke the needle by sewing glittered fabric, so my Mom had to take the machine to a service store to find out what was wrong and how to fix it.

Attempt #2: I successfully sewed two sides of the four for one tablecloth and then got tired and had to go home. It was a work night :(

Attempt #3: My wonderful mother ended up finishing them because she wanted every off her dining room table. She ended up doing part of it by hand because the machine wouldn’t re-thread, but they are finished and they look beautiful.

I’m very glad that we got an early start otherwise we would have no tablecloths for the party. I am also very happy that now that my Mom is retired she has plenty of time to “help” me with these types of projects. I will (eventually) learn to sew and hope to have a successful sewing project to share in the next year. (I have to give myself a realistic time frame.) I will definitely post more pictures after the party, but just imagine this trifle bowl filled with lemons and delicious yellow inspired food displayed and a vase of yellow daffodils. I can’t wait!!


DiPaola Momma said...

oooh you could do SO much with this theme. Try Lemons in that glass container (or any). You can use them later so DOUBLE bounus in the budget department. Stop by Michaels too. They have almost all of their summer stuff on 40-60% off. There were some super chic plates with yellow swrills perfect for snackie snacks! Stopped by to see your new post and let you know I got my OLD twitter account back after the hack (bums!) if you want you can follow me there @dipaolamomma

Anonymous said...

your table coverings are darling.. I love them. I have never played bunko.. yours is a kicker bunko night... enjoy j~

patchwork said...

Nice tablecloths sewed...the cloth prints are also chosen very carefully do that it looks very bright and cheerful.Nice attempt.