Monday, December 28, 2009

The Shoes

The holidays have been quite hectic, but now that things are winding down, I am realizing how incredibly lucky I am. Not just because of the generous gifts I received this year, but because I am so fortunate to have a loving family, a wonderful fiancĂ©, adorable kitty-cats, a nice place to live and a good job. Evan and I were talking after Christmas Day that we can’t think of anything that we want or need. That is a pretty amazing realization.

One of the reasons that I can’t think of anything that I want or need is because of these babies….Yes, they are Dior, and yes, my brother gave them to me for Christmas…and yes, you should be very jealous. I promised I would include these on the blog for all to drool over. He bought these to go with an outfit he designed that was worn by actress, Alexis Bledel famous for her role on Gilmore Girls and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She wore these for a few hours at a Saks event and now they are mine mine mine! I don’t know where I will wear them just yet. Probably with one of the Christian Siriano outfits I got for Christmas. 2010 is a year I will be stylin’.


Anonymous said...

I need more pictures of your styling stuff.. j~

Anonymous said...

those shoes would look good w/ your holiday dress.. need picts..j~

Jillian said...

I can't wait to come over and take a look at your Christmas swag.

Anonymous said...

how does someone who bakes as much as you do and has a cocktail every now and then able to stay so slim to wear such beautiful clothes

Seething with jealously but glad you are able to have so many riches!