Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dragonfly Video

This Saturday was a really great Dragonfly Rehearsal. Not that all rehearsals aren't great, but this one was caught on video. We are working on a new piece to be performed at a TBD time and place that will be called Thread 2.0 I believe. The first version of this piece was performed with the AACC Symphony Orchestra while I was away on my honeymoon. I am so happy that I am getting to be a part of the new version of the piece.

I'm in the blue :)

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Anonymous said...

Thread 2.0 was the version my Annapolis Dance Company ladies performed. Then there was the AACC one. I think this is like 4.0!!!!

I love that we got it on video. I just wish I had done the box the right way (I faked it pretty well), and that I knew what I was doing for my solo. That part was NOT good. Hahaha. The next time we did it, I was happier with it. Ahh well.