Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life Coach

Recently, I had done some research in to the whole concept of Life Coaching. A listserv I follow posted a bunch of Life Coach contacts in my area and I was curious to see what they were all about. I went through the website links and came across this site belonging to a woman who is a Life Coach in the DC area. From what I gather, she specializes in professional women who want to have it all. That would be me, I guess. On the site there is a free assessment to evaluate your effectiveness. I took the assessment and it automatically emailed me my score of 5 of 15. Bummer. The next day, the Life Coach sent me an email to make me feel better about myself saying that the score isn’t always what it seems and that I’m doing great. In her email she attached a list of 10 Tips to Improve Effectiveness. I won’t list them all here because I’m sure she would like you to visit her website to get this information. I did want to share three of the ones that really struck me.

SLEEP – She is absolutely right on this one. How often do you get a full 8 hours? I actually do this one pretty well, but I often feel guilty that I sleep too much. It is funny to me that sleeping a full night is something that most people wish they could do, but I feel like I’m being lazy because I do.

IMPLEMENT ONE NEW HEALTH HABIT – This one speaks to me very loud, especially after my recent Dentist debacle. I admit that I do not take as good care of my teeth as I should. As a result I will be going in for three procedures all of which require a needle in my gums. This is my penance for not flossing and I accept it. A good health habit for me to implement would be to floss every day.

HIRE A COACH – I don’t know what kind of investment this is, but I’m going to find out. I work as a District Manager and most of my days consist of helping other Manager’s identify goals, focus areas and ways to make their business stronger. We bounce ideas back and forth and then come up with an action plan. It would be great to do that with someone about my life.

I feel like most of the concepts, such as sleep more and take care of your health are things we know we are supposed to do. I think of a Life Coach as someone who helps you get a plan together to make sure you can do them. I guess I’ll find out if I’m right.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am off to Florida to visit my family!

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