Friday, March 14, 2008

Girls Night

Last night I went to a “Girls Night Out” at a local restaurant in Fayetteville called Theo’s. It was a small group of six girls that I know from work and through my Bunko group. I had never been to this restaurant before, but had heard good things. It was quite swanky for what I’ve come to expect from Arkansas dining. The hostesses and servers were dressed in fashionable black outfits that I know were not purchased locally. Hair was something to be desired (most in blah ponytails) so my search for a good hair stylists continues with no new leads. The bar was a mixture of cocktail tables and luxurious leather chairs and the dining area had a glass window that allowed you to see some of the Chef’s preparation. The food and cocktails were spectacular!! For Happy Hour, I had a Raspberry Mojito and seasoned fries. My girlfriend, Cheri, got a cheese plate with a creamy Muenster (that had a fancier name) and another cheese that I had never heard of. Both were delish. After my Mojito, I wasn’t very hungry, but I ordered a Mixed Greens and Goat Cheese salad in a Parmesan Bowl and two French Martinis. I think that the French Martini is going to be my new drink of choice. I don’t even know what is in one, but I love them! The salad was one of the best salads I’ve ever had at a restaurant. The goat cheese was amazing and the dressing was perfect. I enjoyed two delicious bites before I realized that there were finely diced red onions (which I normally do not eat) and now I have to rethink my dislike for raw onions. The Parmesan bowl was a very impressive addition to the presentation of the salad. I was thinking that it is quite “green” to be able to eat the bowl. Theo must be thinking sustainability. I am so thankful for my friend, Karen, who put this together. It was a night of good food, good cocktails and great company.

And, lucky for me I had a very handsome chauffeur to drive me home. Thanks, Evan.

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