Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Evan is ¼ Irish, which is only one of the reasons that St. Patrick’s Day is his favorite holiday. There is not much celebration for St. Patty’s here in Arkansas, so we planned to have friends over for a late lunch on Sunday. Evan got up early and started his pot boiling on the grill outside. He spent the day laboring over his corned beef and cabbage, which turned out spectacular. He boiled the beef from 10am-2pm and added potatoes, carrots and cabbage at the end of the boil. I had a frozen pizza ready to go for the non-Irish, but everyone ended up eating the corned beef. We served Irish coffee, Guinness, and Smithwicks. Irish Car Bombs were consumed after lunch (not by me). I made a "Pot of Gold" for dessert. I used the caldron that I bought for Halloween as my pot and filled it with mini yellow cupcakes. It turned out cute, but we ended up having a delicious grasshopper pie that my friend, Cheri, brought over. Lucky Evan got to take the "Pot of Gold" to work today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Kanani said...

You come up with the most fun theme parties! I love the pot of gold! Did boiling the pot of water on the grill impart a smokey taste to the corned beef?

Anonymous said...

the boiled dinner sounds delicious! good idea on the pot of gold.. not sure what an irish car bomb is.. best to stay away from those.. wise woman

Shannon said...

Kanani, the corned beef didn't get a smokey flavor from boiling on the grill. We just had to make it outside because it smells up the house.

Kanani said...

Yes, Corned beef DOES smell up the house. Fortunately, it's usually warm this time of year so I just opened the doors and windows!

Today... let's see... I am going to call my hairdresser. I got highlights and now I think they look ridiculous.