Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Top Chef

Last night I stayed awake to watch the entire new episode of Top Chef. This is not my normal routine. Usually, I fall asleep half way through even though I always start with the intensions of staying awake. It is not that I don't love the show, but it doesn’t finish until 11pm which is way past my bedtime. I always catch the reruns, repeatedly. Luckily, I had 3 diet cokes at dinner with my friend Jill, so I was wide awake. What a great episode! I just love Eric Ripert. It is funny because I don’t eat seafood which is what he does, but I would consider him one of my favorite chefs. In the age of reality TV, my “favorite chefs” are characters that I watch, not people whose food I’ve eaten. What a concept. The only three chefs that I could name that I’ve eaten their food is my stepbrother, Ben (Chesapeake Bay Beach Club), Tom Colicchio (Craft) and Spike (Good Stuff). Two Top Chefers and a family member. I really enjoyed the show last night, but wish that Carla would have won. I am voting for her for Fan Favorite on Bravo’s website. She is just plain fun to watch. Plus she is from DC, so how could she not be my favorite?

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Anonymous said...

Carla is my favorite, too, and I only recently learned she is from Washington, DC. She is just so full of fun and has great eyes.