Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend in NYC

We are headed to the big city tomorrow to see my brother’s new line and enjoy a weekend in NYC. I am very excited to see this runway show. He is showing in the Bryant Park tents this season which should be a lot of fun. During our visit at Thanksgiving, I saw some of the original sketches of the clothes and the shoes, so it will be really cool to see these things come to life. As it turns out, my brother has something for me to wear including a pair of shoes from his collection. Payless is one of the sponsors and they made a pair of his runway shoes in a size 6 just for me! He is sending a box of clothes to our hotel for me to choose between a few options. I am a pretty lucky big sister. He really takes good care of me, considering all the little brother torture I put him through. Needless to say, the Anthropologie jacket is going back on the rack and my bags are packed with accessories for any occasion. After his show, we will probably do dinner and an after party. Hopefully, I will last longer than I did at the last after party. I am going to try to nap on the train so that I can stay awake and in good spirits for the end of the evening. Friday day, we may do a little shopping and lunch with my mom. Friday night, Evan and I have tickets to see Avenue Q. I am really looking forward to seeing a show this trip. We went to Wicked last February and it was awesome. I know this show is a lot different than Wicked, but the reviews look really good. Saturday we will pack up, have lunch and head home. A quick trip, but we pack all the fun in a short period of time. I plan to have Evan taking lots of pictures, so the blog should be back in action next week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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