Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fashion Show in NYC

It is so difficult to go back to the day to day of life in Arkansas after such an amazing trip to NYC. I have tried to catch up on all of the Project Runway blogs to see everyone’s opinions on the collections shown last week in Bryant Park. I still can’t believe that I was sitting in the front row of a show at New York Fashion Week (while Meryl Streep sat in the 3rd). Since I’m not a fashion expert and everyone knows who my favorite is, I am just going to tell you about what this incredible experience was like for me…AMAZING!
My family was in rare form. We came in from California, Florida, Arkansas and Maryland to be there for my little brother’s BIG MOMENT! Outside before the show I got to meet the lovely ladies from BloggingProjectRunway. I got to catch up with VictorYa (Christian’s good friend) and her husband for a few seconds before the show started while all the previous contestants and press congregated on the runway in the middle of the tent. My mom had to get her picture with all of this year’s contestants, Elisa, Stephen, Carmen and so on. She had studied up on everyone, where they live, where they work and little facts about them that she read on BravoTV.com. She was definitely an expert compared to the rest of the family and had great conversations starters for everyone. My Dad sat next to Meryl Streep’s daughter and My stepfather, Michael, sat next to Sweet P’s sister-in-law. They held hands during Sweet P’s and Christian’s show. My mom and I got to sit right in front of the previous seasons’ winners. Jay told me not to read his blog, Chloe has huge boobs and Jeffrey shared a seat with his BFF Alison who is really really skinny. Daniel Vosovic sat behind my mom with Kara Janx. They were both so incredibly nice and seemed genuinely excited for us. Daniel poked me when Christian came out for his little speech and told us to go backstage after the show was over. Evan got his picture taken with Jack from PR and Dale from Top Chef. They are advertising themselves as an item, which made the photo of Evan sandwiched by these two a bit more comical. Other than seeing all of the previous and current Project Runway contestants, we saw Padma and Sam from Top Chef, Bianca, Danielle and Jaslene from America’s Next Top Model and the highlight of my life, POSH SPICE. I had a feeling that she would be the guest judge and we barely got a look at her as she was rushed in and out of the tent by big body guards. I’m sure she was mobbed by Paparazi after the show, but we didn’t see because my mom and I snuck backstage and got to meet Tim Gunn. He said really nice things about Christian to my Mom and I thought she was going to cry. It was all a whirlwind and amazing and wonderful. I barely remember the clothes. I had to look them up when I got home. All I can tell you is that my brother was totally FIERCE!


ferociacoutura said...

ahhh! christian is totally fierce!
i know you must have had the BEST TIME.girrrll, i WISH i was there.
his collection was soo dramatic and avant-garde. he's so inspiring. he definitely needs to come back to baltimore school for the arts that was one of the best days of my life.

Jack said...

christian is gonna win!!!!!!!!!!

oxoxo jack mackenroth

Anonymous said...

btw i love you jack you're so amazing.

Kanani said...

You know, it's so hard making your way when you're the creative type. Everything is against you, or seems that way. There are more reasons to quit than there are to keep going, sometimes. Naysayers? There are plenty.

So I'm happy to hear how everyone was so supportive. Love to hear that your family was there, that Sweet P's sis-in-law held hands with your Step because they were so thrilled that people they loved were doing something great.

That's the best someone creative can hope for. Love.

Congratulations to all.

patricia said...

How fun to read about your trip! If you're brother doesn't win I don't know what those judges are thinking.