Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hair Wars Magazine

Everyone who knows me knows I am very particular about my hair. Even though I keep moving further and further away from Maryland I will still try to go back to get my hair cut before any major event. Obviously, Fashion Week was a major event, so I made a special stop in Annapolis to go to my favorite salon, Bubbles. My stylist, Jamie, did a magnificent job as always and was nice enough to save me a copy of the magazine from the Bubbles Hair Wars Hair Show last fall. I was amazed to see that Jamie’s 1st place winning hair cut got me a whole page in the book! It is a bit surreal to see a picture of myself so big in a print publication. People who are waiting for their hair appointment look at this book to get inspired to choose a new hair-do and I’m on the first page. Crazy! Another stylist at the salon got some great pictures from the photographer at the show. This photo with my brother in the middle is perfection.


Anonymous said...

fierce hair!
the cut is AMAZING

mimi said...

I find your blog very interesting. I love crafts and I love holidays -- My philosphy is to really live up the good times.
I used to make hearts etc. out of construction paper where they had a volume. Place on aluminum foil. Pour a little Elmer's glue in the heart till it fills the bottom. Squirt a few drops of food coloring and swirl with a toothpick. Leave overnight (24 hours) Remove the heart from construction paper and you have a kind of opaque sun catcher.

Kanani said...

Your stylist absolutely rocks it. I haven't found anyone here that is fearless enough to do such a precision cut as the one they did for you. But then, this is The OC, and well, all you have to do is watch that horrid Housewives show to see the mentality. Gah. How did I move here anyway?

Oh.... by the way... I might be going to Mercedes Benz Fashion week here in LA. I applied for press credentials. We'll see if they bite.

Anonymous said...

i lovee love the hair
the pic with christian IS perfection.