Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is here! I just love this cheesy holiday. I made heart cookies last night during Project Runway so that Evan could take them to work today. I just used my regular sugar cookie recipe and canned frosting with a little food dye. We exchanged gifts this morning. Evan gave me a gift certificate to get a manicure. I gave him a gift card to get some new music. It was a perfect exchange. I put on my red dress that I haven’t worn since college and am ready for a great Valentine’s Day. We don’t have big plans for dinner. Thursday is our “No TV” night, so we will probably have dinner at home and relax. Have a great day!

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Kanani said...

Those are so cute! You two have a good time tonight.
I bought boxes of candy for everyone, and I'm going to decorate the light fixture over the table. We always have hearts, bunnies, shamrocks, pumpkins hanging from it.

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