Tuesday, February 26, 2008

YouTube Make-Up Tutorials

I am just now realizing how much I don’t know about YouTube. I watch the funny videos that are forwarded to me and sometimes search for memorable TV performances that I have missed (like the Britney Spears MTV Awards). There is so much more!! I never would have found this out if not for a fan of my brother who contacted me via Myspace. AlexReedThompson has a YouTube “channel” where he posts some really witty stuff. Alex is a very talented make-up artist who posts about make-up, his love of the Dresden Dolls and other miscellaneous topics. I am totally enamored with this guy. My favorite video so far is his slide show tutorial for sunset eyes. It has a great song in the background by Despina Vandi, an artist I’d never heard of who is fabulous. Alex has 1,683 Subscribers and 47,446 Channel Views (not sure exactly what that means). This is big time! How do I not know anything about this? While viewing his make-up how-to’s, I came across some other great videos by make-up artists. I love the videos by Leesha a.k.a Xsparkage, especially this one for simple brown eyes that is anything but ordinary. Another gem I discovered was Sara a.k.a. jjacks48. She is really fun to watch because she reminds me of a friend of mine. Although I’ve only had the opportunity to watch a few of her takes, I have her on my “must watch when I have more time” list. jjacks48 seems to be the most experienced in the world of YouTube tutorials with 124 videos posted. I’m sure that there are tons more great videos for learning fabulous skills and one day I will have time to search through them all. I am running out to buy new make-up for myself this weekend with a little Birthday money courtesy of my Grandparents. (My birthday is Thursday!) Thanks to Alex for introducing me to this great new world of videos on YouTube. How will I ever leave my computer again?


Anonymous said...

whoah that's some crazy color for an eyelid, still cool though i watched the vid and there's like 1432435494365675745 million steps involved hahaa

Kanani said...

Hey, I think this is what the whole TV writers strike was about. TV and the internet are merging. My kids watch more on the internet and YouTube than TV! I feel like I already spend way too much time on here!

But here's a good one: The Mean Kitty Song.

Oh.... and I read that you're going to have to see the Coen Bros latest movie. Well, NCFOM is a really gritty, violent book. I can't imagine what the movie will be!

Kanani said...

I think I saw those colors over at Sephora. I remember having a whole great eye kit from Borghese a one time. It was filled with intense colors like this!

Sarah said...

Hey thanks for the shout! i know it was a long time ago...but i just came across this :)