Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mustaches and Non-Matching Bridesmaids

I have been on a million and a half bride/wedding/party planning websites and have found a couple trends that I absolutely love!!!

The first being mustache pictures. I have come across pictures from all different kinds of sites, alternative bride sites, traditional bride sites and party sites all featuring these adorable mustache pictures. Martha Stewart has this mustache template on her website and calls it “Party Mustache”. I first came across this mustache on Party Perfect blog featuring a yellow party by Simply Radiant. (I am also going to be using this yellow theme for an upcoming get together.) I can see how this has become a trend. People don’t want to take themselves too seriously. Taking wedding portraits (in my experience) can be forced and uncomfortable. It’s nice to see how much fun these bring to the wedding photos.

The other trend that I have for a while decided I’d like to follow is bridesmaids in all different dresses. My bridesmaids do not all have the same figure and I want them to all look and feel beautiful. I couldn’t decide if they should be a version of the same dress in the same color or completely different dresses. I think I am leaning towards completely different dresses in a similar color palette.

Brother, are you reading this? You may have a busy season coming up, but plan to squeeze in some fittings. xox


Anonymous said...

that is so funny.. at work we had "good by" drinks after work one night for a co-worker and I printed stick on mustaches for everyone.. and brought in dark sunglasses so we could meet her in disguise, since she turned into the "competition" j~

Jessie said...

The non-matching bridesmaids dresses is definitely one of my favorite trends. I love when the bride choices a color palette and a length and lets the girls choose.. it's always beautiful!

Kanani said...

My bridesmaids all got to choose their own dresses. I just gave them the color (off white).

I like the idea of a palette, and letting them figure out what they want to wear. I can't imagine in this economy that anyone would want to fork out money on a bridesmaid's dress that they would only wear once!
It'll all be pulled together with the flowers, and also maybe giving each one of them a small broach or a bracelet.

Dottie said...

love the idea shannon! are you dying with all of the inspiration out there?! i can only imagine.

Shannon said...

Inspiration overload is exactly what I deal with on a daily basis. I may have to force myself to take a bread from all the bride blogs before I lose my mind and take Evan with me to crazy town.