Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding (Web) Sites

Now that we are officially engaged there are magazines pilling up on the coffee table, new folders on my desktop and new favorite sites adding up like crazy. It has been a lot of fun researching and reading wedding stories of do it yourself brides. At first, Evan and I were having anxiety about the cost of a wedding, but after a week of research I think we can get creative, have the wedding we want and not go into debt. Still no date, place or anything really, but it has been a lot of fun looking for inspirations and new crafty projects. I am going to use my side bars to keep track of my wedding finds and crafty projects, but here is a list of the favorites so far:


Tbone said...

Make sure to check out one of our favorites:

Manolo For The Brides

Kanani said...

That Martha Stewart weddings book is worth owning, if only to look at the attention to detail. See if you can find it used!

DiPaola Momma said...

Oh hey you know something occured to me way back when I found your blog (what a month ago.. our long time association .. ha ha).. you know there is a great wedding/honeymoon site you guys might like to give a look see..
A girlie pal of mine got married last year and used this site (or one like it).. TRUST me (um four kids, suburban mom and all, I'm the expert here) you've got the rest of your lives to get dishes, pots, pans and towels! Having a killer honeymoon is really something you should give eachother.. and hey have your friends and family pay for it!
I think The Knot has one too.. that might have been the one my pal used. We gave them dinner for two, coctails and roses for the honeymoon suite!