Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something(s) Blue

My excitement about our engagement has not faded one ounce since it became official on July 4th. And although we still have no date or place that doesn’t mean the wedding planning process is on hold. I have made some important moves in the last month. I got my little brother to agree to make my dress and the bridesmaid dresses and I opened a wedding savings account! These are big moves.

One of the first fun decisions Evan and I have made is that we want to incorporate the Bluebird of Happiness into our d├ęcor/theme. We collected these figurines when we lived in Arkansas and took Evan’s sister, Jessica, and my friend, Sarah, to the shop when they came to visit. We sent bluebirds to our family as gifts and came to find out that Evan’s Grandparents were already collectors. We are not sure how we will include the birds in to our day, but it will be nice to use them to tribute family that won’t be with us and the place where we became a couple.

With this trend in mind, today, I was doing some eBay browsing and came across this cobalt blue cake stand. I realize that I am doing things way out of order, but I couldn’t help myself. I bid on it and the bidding just happened to be closing. Needless to say, I won the bid. If I don’t end up using it for the wedding, that is ok, it is a beautiful stand.


Anonymous said...

I can so see a blue bottle tree in your future.. j~

Jillian said...

I love it!

Kanani said...

Well, I think cobalt blue is a terrific color to work into the decor. Bluebirds of happiness, a blue cakestand for some kind of centerpiece or front table arrangement. Blue vases, blue candles in a clear white vase.... oh, and even blue delphiniums.... loads you can do with a blue birds of happiness theme!

Rita said...

Nice article, blue color is my fvt. Nice concept you given


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