Friday, January 25, 2008

Avant Garde Toons

After every episode of Project Runway (PR) I get online to see what the bloggers have to say about the show. My brother, Christian, has warned me not to read the blogs because some bloggers say not-so-nice things about the contestants, but I can’t resist. I just can’t get enough Project Runway and all the gossip that goes along with it. Last week, two blogs posted similar cartoon interpretations of the Avant Garde Challenge, (that my brother won!) I wish that they would do them for every challenge. The blog that Christian warns against most, Project RunGay, had two cartoons about this challenge, one of Jillian and Victorya and the other of Christian and Chris. Even though these guys are snotty, I love this blog. Most of the time, they are right on the money and have very insightful statements about the designs, challenges and contestants. Other times, they are ruthless and make fun of everyone, but I like that, too. (Don’t tell Christian.) The other blog with cartoons of PR is Project 365: Drawing the Line. He has a similar interpretation of the Team Fierce Avant Garde Challenge. I just love it. It is getting closer to the PR finals everyday. I don’t know what I will do with myself when it’s over. :(


dottie said...

shannon, hey girl. these blog links are great. i really like this image, it looks just like christian. i'm 100% cheering for him!

patricia said...

shannon I don't even remember how I found your blog but I was delighted to see that you're christian's brother. this outfit of his was definitely my favorite so far. he makes me laugh so much (in a good way!). I hope he does really well. his talent is amazing for someone so young.

TLo said...
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