Friday, January 4, 2008

Paper Project

Last weekend I got motivated to make something. This is a feeling that has eluded me through the holiday season. I was really inspired by the recycle project on one of my favorite blogs,
A Little Hut. She made a great bowl out of magazine pages a few months ago. Since I read her blog, I have seen similar vases and bowls in stores like Antrhopologie and on other websites. I was excited to use this concept to make something fun for decoration at our New Years party. I used exactly her concept folding magazine pages in half lengthwise until I had a small folded strip and using a hot glue gun to connect the strips together (Tip: cut each magazine page in half, lengthwise, and then fold twice for a strip that is more easy to bend without coming unfolded). The hot glue gun is the way to go because it dries so quickly, but beware of your fingers. Mine are pretty burned up. I layered all the strips to make a cone shape and used about 1/3 of my November Vouge for 2 bowls. I started using a magazine with more articles, but the Vouge (or other fashion magazine) worked better because all of the ads are a full color page which makes the bowl really colorful. I got really obsessed and spent all day Sunday making 4 small bowls. I hung them up-side-down from a dowel to make a nice hanging art piece. Evan thinks they look like flying saucers and I kind of agree. Maybe I need to find a new material to hang them instead of fishing line. I really want to get a large floor vase to set next to our television and use the same method to cover the vase. I have enough magazines to cover the entire exterior of our house, so I think I will be wrapping everything in magazine pages until I find a new project. I know I made this project before I made my New Year Goals, but I’m going to count this as one of my projects for the month. I’m off to a good start.

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