Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bluebird of Happiness

Last week when Evan’s sister, Jessica, was visiting, they went for a drive and came upon this hidden treasure, Terra Studios, in Durham Arkansas. Terra Studios is home of the world famous Bluebird of Happiness, handmade collectible bluebird figurines. Evan insisted I would love this shop, so we went back this weekend. As we pulled in the parking lot, there were glass bluebirds lining the driveway and the patio of the shop. I knew I was going to love it. The shop featured bluebirds, pinkbirds, vases, pottery and other glass sculpture. I picked up some bluebirds for myself and some for gifts along with two small vases. We stood and watched a video of how the glass birds are made. When we turned around to be checked out, the artist in the video totaled our purchase. All of this glass and pottery was being made at the shop by the same people running the cash register. It is a local family owned and operated business, which makes the whole place ever more of a gem. We ventured past the bluebird shop to find an amazing art filled property. In the center of the park were giant mosaic murals, statues and a house of bluebirds. There was and art garden with mosaics, glass statues, pottery and a walking trail lined with art pieces ranging from abstract mixed media to ceramic frogs. Fortunately for us, it was a beautiful sunny day, so we could stroll and admire. I only wish I would have know this place was here when we had visitors from out of town as this is the kind of Arkansas I would want to share with the Yankees.

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Palm Axis said...

Very cool. I think my mother has one of these blue birds. Like the girls with the flower/ruffle heads.