Monday, May 4, 2009

Batter Blaster

Evan picked up an amazing invention at the grocery store the other week. Batter Blaster! It is organic pancake mix that comes in a can like Reddi-wip. It is already mixed pancake batter, so you just pour in the pan and cook. The pancakes turned out light fluffy and amazing! I don’t know if we will ever go back to regular pancake mix. The package is really fun and I also like the whole branding of the Batter Blaster, like a spaceship blast off at breakfast. Their jingle is “Make a Better Breakfast Faster, Batter Blaster.” If you go to their site, you will hear it. It’s cute.

Just this weekend, Evan and I were at the liquor store and saw a guy wearing a Batter Blaster t-shirt and I just had to take his picture. He said that he worked at Whole Foods and the vendors give them t-shirts and other fun stuff. He said that the propellant for the “blast” isn’t nitrous oxide like a Reddi-wip can, he said it was fermented brown rice, or something like that. I looked at their website and one of the ingredients is Organic rice bran extract. Maybe that was what he was talking about. Either way, it is a pretty cool product and yes, the packaging can be recycled for all your greenies out there.


Anonymous said...

Batter Blaster sets new Guinness World Record for pancakes cooked & served... 76,382. TV coverage here:

Anonymous said...

Friend of mine ate some Blaster and then had an allergic reaction to it? Is it possible the mix was bad?