Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Evan and I are so excited for Memorial Day weekend this year! We never make big plans for 3 day holidays, but we have had a trip planned for Memorial Day since October of last year. We are getting on a plane and going to St. Louis! We are going to have a reunion with 3 other couples that became really good friends while we were living in Arkansas. Two of those couples are still in Arkansas and the last time we saw them was at the October wedding of Cheri and Justin. Our Arkansas neighbors, Aaron and Leah, moved back to St. Louis a couple weeks after we moved back to the east coast. The last couple, Tommy and Nicole had a baby boy who is also coming to the reunion, so it will be so fun to see how big he has gotten since last fall. I am so excited to see our friends and spend some time away! We already have plans to visit the Budweiser brewery, attend a Cardinals Game and stop by the Rib Festival! I’m sure we will squeeze in a trip to the Arch as well. I’ve never been to St. Louis, so I am ready to do it all.

Also, I just started a twitter, so I'll be posting updates if you can't wait until next week to find out about our trip.

Have a great weekend!!

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Kanani said...

I'm glad you're keeping in touch with your friends from Arkansas. Can't wait to hear an update and see the photos.