Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christian Siriano for VS Makeup

It is so nice having a brother who is a celebrity, especially when he sends free stuff! I have to say that he really takes care of me and mom and hooks us up with plenty of goodies. This fall, my brother is launching a line of cosmetics with Victoria Secret. This weekend, mom and I got his line in the mail! It is still surreal to see his name printed on packaging of things that I would buy in a store, but I guess I’ll get used to that in the coming months since his name is going to be all over the place. He has his line of shoes coming out for Payless in September, his clothes in Saks and other stores for fall, the VS cosmetic line in August and his book coming out. This kid is blowing up! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving and hard working person. I am so proud of my little bro and thrilled to wear his cosmetics. I can’t wait for someone to comment on my lip gloss shade and be able to respond with, “It’s my brother’s cosmetic line. Coming to a Victoria Secret store near you.”


Anonymous said...

That is so cool... just unbelievable.. j~

Jaclyn said...

I love love love your brother and his makeup line from vs but I have run out of the eyeliner and can't seem to find it anywhere!!!! Ebay, vs, amazon!!!! Ahhh! Where can I get this again?!