Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Front Row

We had such a blast last night at The Front Row event at Bethesda Row. They held a reception at the Redwood Restaurant, which is just beautiful. There was a really great group of people there, Jenn Mapp, CIBU Diva, Diane and Joan also from the Ratner Co., a beautifully dressed Betsy, from the Washington Post, a writer for Bethesda Magazine, Karen, Whitney Phelps and her friends who were really fun, two really friendly girls from One80 Salon in DC and a beautiful group of people dressed for a really fun night. I had a couple of the “Fierce” cocktails that were sparkling wine and cranberry liquor, just enough booze to make me talk too much.

The event coordinators at the restaurant and Barbara and Kristin who helped coordinate my brother’s participation were just fantastic. My mother doesn’t drive the Washington Beltway in rush hour traffic (and who can blame her), so they sent a car to pick her up so that she could attend. I would definitely recommend Barbara to coordinate your event/promotions if you ever do an event in the Bethesda/DC area. From the handful of times I’ve been to the Bethesda Row shopping center I would say that there were more people at this event then have been through Bethesda Row since it opened. They did an amazing job.

The fashion show after the reception was a lot of fun. All the stores donated items from their summer and upcoming fall selection. Salon Cielo did all the models hair. Way to go Cielo! After the runway show we stayed and had dinner at the Redwood Restaurant. I sampled all their cheeses, which were delish, and ordered the prociutto. After those cocktails I wasn’t ready for a full on dinner, so after the appetizers, I just had the French fries. They were awesome! My brother had a scallop dish that he really liked and my mother had the chicken. I know that the restaurant received some not so great reviews when they first opened, but our meal was fabulous and I would definitely go back.

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CIBU International Haircare said...

love it, love your blog. teach me to bake! I had such a nice time last night with you and your family:)