Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bethesda Row - The Front Row

I am so excited for this weekend. My little brother is coming home because he is doing an event in Bethesda this weekend called “The Front Row”. Friday evening he will be at the Bethesda Row shopping area for a fashion show and meet and greet. Bethesda Row is a really nice new shopping area that has a beautiful Salon Cielo. Salon Cielo is part of Ratner Companies where I work, so it is nice when work and life comes together and I have a reason to not drive home in rush hour on the beltway. If you are in town, we would love to see you there!

I had to throw in a family photo


BabsieD said...

Hi Shannon!
We can't wait to meet you! We'll be the frantic ones with the clipboards.

-Barbara and amazing crew from The Front Row

Anonymous said...

I saw you there last night -- I live in Bethesda and I was THRILLED- only last April 13 - two blocks away I saw Barack and Michelle Obama drive by (Their youngest daughter's school (Sidwell Elementary School) is just down the road - You really looked beautiful - I wanted to yell out to you because I have been reading your blog for a while because you have interesting stuff (How do you stay so skinny when you are always making cakes, etc.!!!) I wanted to yell out that I read your blog but there were so many people -- It was a very nice event!

Shannon said...

It was an awesome event and there were so many great people that put it together. Thanks so much Barbara (and Kristin) for an excellent evening. I really hope that it will drive some traffic to that terrific shopping center.

And to my anonymous posting friend, I wish you would have yelled out. Thanks so much for reading and coming to support my brother and the Bethesda Row Event. Did you know that Whitney Phelps (who also has a famous brother you might have heard of) was there with her beautiful group of friends. It was really a great night.

Anonymous said...

I live a couple of blocks away from Bethesda Row - and let me tell you -- there WERE a lot of excited people I usually run the Crescent Trail (that goes to Georgetown) and I heard rumors on the trail about Christian Siriano - being at Bethesa Row so I walked by -- Glad you had a great time == I know I was thrilled! Keep Blogging!